A Review of Previous Works on Observing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Through Meteorological Measurements

Report No. ARL-MR-448
Authors: Tunick, Arnolde
Date/Pages: September 1999; 52 pages
Abstract: This report provides a comprehensive review or some 30 previous works on observing the atmospheric boundary layer through meteorological measurements. I compiled the information in this report from a relatively broad survey of the literature related to field experiments that had focused on processes and events that characterize the boundary layer, and in particular, the boundary layer under atmospherically stable conditions. The summaries that comprise the bulk of the report provide the reader with historical as well as data resource information for several different types of programs on topics from improving weather and climate prediction models to advancing remote sensing platforms and monitoring techniques. Also, the report presents some of the main conclusions derived from two workshop meetings on turbulence and diffusion in the stable boundary layer. I wrote this report as a result of studying and annotating about 90 references and texts on experiments in the atmospheric boundary layer. It was produced during a period preceding the Cooperative Atmospheric/Surface Exchange Study (CASES-99) program. A colleague suggested that researchers and experimental planners at the Army Research Laboratory might benefit from such an accounting of the scientific objectives, technical goals, and descriptions of the arrays of various sensor platforms that were involved with previous outdoor programs.
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