An Investigation Into the Aerodynamics and Structural Integrity of the 155-mm M898 Projectile

Report No. ARL-MR-461
Authors: Soencksen, Keith P.; Oskay, Vural
Date/Pages: November 1999; 27 pages
Abstract: The M898 sense-and-destroy armor (SADARM) projectile is a 155-mm counterbattery artillery projectile that ejects two submunitions against battlefield combat vehicles. The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) recently funded an experiment designed to analyze the structural integrity and aerodynamic characteristics of the projectile. In particular, the experiment sought to investigate the possibility of a compromise in integrity at the base-body juncture. No evidence of this was discovered. The secondary aim of obtaining a complete set of aerodynamic coefficients for the M898 was related to recent minor design changes made to the round. The objective was to ensure that these changes did not result in a noticeable change in flight characteristics. All shots were temperature-conditioned to 120 deg F, thus providing a higher-than-normal launch Mach number. This resulted in an extension of the Mach-number regime of the existing spark range database. When compared with existing spark range data, no significant differences were noted. Aerodynamically, the M898 projectile is very similar to the M483A1. Despite a large existing aerodynamic database, three M483A1 projectiles were fired concurrently with the M898's in an effort to solidify the close comparison of the two round types. Comparison of the new M898 and M4S3A1 data confirms the aerodynamic similarity noted previously.
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