Army Plasma/Propellant Interaction Workshop - U.S. Army Research Office, 17-18 November 1998

Report No. ARL-SR-83
Authors: Shaw, Robert W.; Mann, David M.; Anderson, William R.; White, Kevin; Nusca, Michael J.
Date/Pages: November 1999; 57 pages
Abstract: This workshop was organized by the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) as part of an ongoing U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)-ARO effort to develop a coordinated research program to address the needs of advanced gun propulsion, in particular, in the application of plasmas as ignition and energy augmentation sources for solid propellant guns, known as electrothermal-chemical (ETC) propulsion systems. We sought to bring leading scientists and engineers from outside the Army with expertise in plasma properties and behavior (especially energy transfer) and in chemical reactions by mechanisms likely to be caused by interactions of plasmas with solids. Presentations were made by ARL to give a background on ETC and the observed effects of plasmas on ballistics. Succeeding talks discussed experiments and modeling related to the physics and chemistry of plasma propellant interaction being carried out at ARL and other institutions. In addition to technical details on current research, the presenters also discussed "wish lists" on data, projects, etc., that ARL believed to be important in the solution of the problem. After the presentations, focus groups were formed from the attendees to discuss the problem and possible solutions. Subsequently, very specific issues, questions, and research suggestions were collectively discussed and are reported here. Finally, collaborations between investigators were initiated and conclusions and recommendations were drawn up for future research.
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