Etch Pit Studies of II-VI-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials ZnSe, ZnCdSe, and ZnCdMgSe Grown on InP

Report No. ARL-TR-2013
Authors: Semendy, Fred; Bambha, Neal; Tamargo, Marie C.; Cavus, A.; Zeng, L.
Date/Pages: October 1999; 19 pages
Note: Prepared in cooperation with Department of Chemistry, City College, New York, NY.
Abstract: Etch pit density (EPD) determination studies have been conducted on II-VI semiconductor materials ZnSe, ZnCdSe, and ZnCdMgSe grown on InP surfaces for the first time by using various etching solutions under different conditions of concentration, temperature, and time. We observed that for the binary, ternary, and quaternary samples, bromine-methanol solution was the only etchant with a reasonable etching effect. We could only perform an in-depth etching study for ZnSe grown on InP by using a Br:MeOH solution. Other etchants did not have an effect on the surface or morphology of the materials, and hence, a meaningful or consistent EPD could not be determined for ZnCdSe and ZnCdMgSe.
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