Environment Models in War Games

Report No. ARL-TR-2027
Authors: Tunick, Arnolde
Date/Pages: September 1999; 23 pages
Abstract: Atmospheric and environmental phenomena have been portrayed in most military war games. In ModSAF, for example, models and representations can be found for the change of illumination levels on objects due to solar and lunar motion and weather influences (such as rain, sleet, and snow), and the obscuration impacts of smoke, dust, and haze. Newer models have been developed that more accurately portray the turbulence and radiative transfer within these common atmospheric and environmental phenomena. However, frequently these models cannot be directly substituted into the war games, either because the data interfaces are wrong or because the model may adversely affect the performance of the war game model itself. This report examines a number of war games, including CASTFOREM, JANUS, ModSAF, JSIMS, and JMASS, to determine how environment is currently played in these games. The focus here is on the specific environmental submodels that are part of the EOSAEL and WAVES modeling packages. It was found that these atmospheric models are not used as originally developed; they were modified to accommodate the requirements of the war games. Other mechanisms for the interface between the models are discussed. An alternate, promising approach for an interface was introduced with the development of the TAOS software. However, limitations to the efficacy of the interfaces persist.
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 1999