The Effect of a Simple Lateral Impulse on Kinetic Energy Projectiles in Flight

Report No. ARL-TR-2076
Authors: Guidos, Bernard J.; Cooper, Gene R.
Date/Pages: December 1999; 55 pages
Abstract: Existing analytical theory for quantifying the free-flight motion of non-rolling, statically stable projectiles is extended to include the effect of a simple lateral impulse applied during flight. The extended theory is based on the incorporation of generalized lateral translational and angular disturbances into the familiar equations of projectile free-flight motion. The applied disturbances are then modeled using specified mathematical forms, and the modified equations are solved to obtain the angular and translational motion of the projectile over the trajectory. The various components of the translational motion of the projectile are extracted and characterized. An idealized application is presented for a large caliber finned projectile, representative of the class of 120-mm long rod kinetic energy projectiles fired from the M1A1 Abrams tank, subjected to a single lateral control impulse in flight. The analytical closed form solutions are validated against results obtained using a numerical trajectory simulation code that incorporates generalized guidance and control commands.
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Last Update / Reviewed: December 1, 1999