Intelligence Production Model Version 6.00 for Windows: User's Manual.

Report No. ARL-CR-436
Authors: McLean, Marsha B.; Roe, Angela S.; Christian, Jamieson
Date/Pages: January 1999; 97 pages
Note: Original report contains color graphics. Electronic version is in black and white.
Abstract: This is the user 5 manual for the Intelligence Production Model (IPM) Version 6.00. The manual provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and running the IPM, viewing and processing output, and maintaining files generated during model runs. The manual includes a section to aid the user in model design, as well as a dictionary of terms. The IPM is a software application that simulates how the quality of information and information processing performance in a military intelligence (MI) production system affect the quality of military intelligence required to meet the commander's needs. By simulating the functions and processes in developing a collection plan, conducting data analysis and fusion, and disseminating intelligence products, the model enables users to simulate the entire intelligence collection and production system from a human perspective. Also, the model can simulate information operations against the intelligence battlefield functional areas and can identify how "defective" information degrades the quality of intelligence. Outputs from the model include how information quality is enhanced or degraded under varying scenario parameters, soldier and task characteristics, and environmental factors, as well as how and what types of human errors degrade the quality of intelligence under the specified model conditions. Detailed model outputs can be used to identify specific design or remedial requirements for the military intelligence systems, personnel, or training.
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Last Update / Reviewed: January 1, 1999