Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis and Dynamic Compaction of Titanium Boride and Titanium Carbide

Report No. ARL-CR-440
Authors: Wang, Liya; Thompson, Levi T.
Date/Pages: April 1999; 51 pages
Abstract: Titanium carbide (TiC) and titanium diboride (TiB2) ceramic disks, with diameters of 100 mm and thicknesses of 25 mm, were fabricated with densities above 95% and 98% of theoretical, respectively, using a self- propagating high-temperature synthesis/dynamic consolidation (SHS/DC) process. First, an SHS reaction was initiated in a green body made from precursor powders. Second, after the completion of the SHS reaction, the freshly synthesized ceramic product was densified to near-full density by the action of the detonation of an explosive. With a focus on potential military and civilian applications, the structural and mechanical properties of the products were evaluated. Furthermore, the relationship between process conditions, microstructure development, and mechanical properties was investigated. Finally, correlations of the properties with key processing conditions were used to establish guidelines for the fabrication, scale-up, and commercialization of the process.
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