Development of a Plastic Stabilizer for the M865 Training Projectile

Report No. ARL-MR-445
Authors: Garner, James; Bundy, Mark; Newill, James
Date/Pages: May 1999; 23 pages
Abstract: The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has fabricated and tested a preliminary version of an injection-moldable plastic M865 training round stabilizer assembly. This preliminary stabilizer (flare) is made from polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and is expected to handle the in-bore and out-of- bore aerothermal environments sufficiently to conform to the performance of the present M865 flare. A more refined flare assembly that matches physical properties of center-of-gravity location and weight, as compared to the present aluminum flare, can be engineered. A refined flare assembly will use a steel insert with the plastic flare section molded around it Injection-molding a plastic flare promises several potential advantages. An entirely, or predominantly, plastic flare assembly can be produced at a significantly reduced cost. Injection-molding the flare should also reduce the variability typically associated with machined parts. The flares could also be manufactured more quickly.
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