Design and Flight Test of a Prototype Range Control Module for an 81-mm Mortar.

Report No. ARL-MR-463
Authors: Hollis, Michael S.; Brandon, Fred J.; Muller, Peter C.
Date/Pages: September 1999; 35 pages
Abstract: The primary purpose of the Light Forces Program is to improve the effectiveness of fire from the infantry mortar. Advances in microelectronics, sensors, and power supplies make it possible to design and build a miniature, one-dimensional, range correction module (RCM) for the mortar. This report focuses on the flight testing of an RCM prototype device for the 81-mm mortar. The objective of testing the concept was to demonstrate the structural integrity and the drag authority of the design. Based on the experimental data, it can be seen that the undeployed range control modules do not affect the overall drag of the projectile. It can also be seen that when the RCM deploys, it has a significant effect on range. Experimental data obtained from the test indicate that the undeployed RCM does not change the ballistic characteristics of the shell; however, when deployed, the RCM does provide a significant method of controlling range.
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