Data Transfer Report - 30-mm Enhanced Alternate High-Energy Propellant Program (EAHEP): Evaluation of the Performance of an RDX-Based ARDEC-7994 Propellant and the Effect of Two Different Slug Projectile Designs

Report No. ARL-TN-114
Authors: Ridley, Melvin B., Sr.; Colburn, Joseph W.
Date/Pages: May 1999; 45 pages
Abstract: The main test objectives were: (1) to promote the evaluation of novel high-energy gun propellants that hold the promise of enhanced performance from existing tank and artillery systems and (2) to provide a facility that can assess the interior ballistic performance characteristics of small quantities of these propellants. Test No. 61 was an instrumentation checkout round, using M30 propellant and a 300-g projectile. Test Nos. 62-65 each utilized a 250-g projectile and 100 g of ARDBC-7994 propellant. Test Nos. 62 and 64 utilized the "Type-1" projectile. This projectile type has a depressed obturator that snaps on to the rear of the projectile. This design creates an additional 3 cu cm of initial chamber volume and allows for more of a balspoon seal effect. Test Nos. 63 and 65 utilized the "Type-2" projectile. This projectile type has a flat- based obturator with a groove cut in the base to allow a slight balspoon seal effect. The Type-2 projectile is much less expensive than the Type-1 projectile, but a head-to-head test was desired to assess any ballistic differences resulting from the design change.
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