The Regional Nature of Aerodynamic Jump

Report No. ARL-TR-1872
Authors: Bundy, Mark
Date/Pages: January 1999; 60 pages
Abstract: It is shown that aerodynamic jump for a nonspinning kinetic energy penetrator is neither a point change in direction, nor a curving change that takes place over a domain of infinite extent, as conventional definitions may infer. Rather, with the aid of an alternate kinematical definition, it is shown that aerodynamic jump for such a projectile is a localized redirection of the center-of-gravity motion, caused by the force of lift due to yaw over the relatively short region from entry into free flight until the yaw reaches its first maximum. A rigorous proof of this statement is provided, but the primary objective of this report is to provide answers to the questions: What is aerodynamic jump, what does it mean, and what aspects of the flight trajectory does it refer to, or account for?
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