Scene and Countermeasure Integration for Munition Interaction with Targets

Report No. ARL-TR-1633
Authors: Anderson, Lon; Chenault, Thelma; Churchman, Joseph; Homack, Roger; Smelker, Thomas
Date/Pages: September 1999; 31 pages
Abstract: Scene and Countermeasure Integration for Munition Interaction with Targets (SCIMITAR) is a model that brings real-world accuracy to your analysis. This is accomplished by integrating weather, smoke, and decoy models into a scene-based model. Smoke models or decoys often are narrowly focused on specific aspects of the decoy or smoke efficiency. For example, a smoke model is focused on prediction of transport and predictions of spectral transmission coefficients. SCIMITAR incorporates these aspects also, but goes one step further, and determines the interaction of the smoke or decoy with the background scene. The background scene is composed of a clutter - background with targets placed into that background. To this background scene, smoke, decoys, and weather effects are integrated by use of physical models that determine actual effects that occur between the background and weather, decoys, or smokes. The model is currently being used by Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate analyst to evaluate obscurant, decoy, and signature suppression effects upon smart munitions and ground systems aimpoint and detection. The model now includes limited smokes and decoys. Weather will be incorporated in the future.
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