Parametric Erosion Investigation (Propellant Adiabatic Flame Temperature)

Report No. ARL-TR-1954
Authors: Conroy, Paul J.; Weinacht, Paul; Nusca, Michael J.
Date/Pages: June 1999; 39 pages
Abstract: In this report, we investigate the influence of quasi-independent parameters and their potential influence on erosion in guns. Specifically, we examine the effects of flame temperature and the effect of assuming that the Lewis Number (ratio of mass to heat transport to the surface), Le, is one. The adiabatic flame temperature was reduced for a propellant through the addition of a diluent from a high of 3,843 K similar to that of M9 down to 3,004 K, which is near the value for M30A1 propellant. Also shown are mass fractions of critical species at the surface with and without the assumption of Le = 1, demonstrating that certain species preferentially reach the surface providing varied conditions for the surface reactions. The results for gun tube bore surface regression qualitatively agree with previous studies and with current experimental data. The propellant composition influence upon erosion must still be inferred at this time from the presence of specific product species at the surface because the finite-rate gas surface reactions are not well known under ballistic conditions.
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