Results from the Porting of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Code F3D to the Convex Exemplar (SPP-1000 and SPP-1600)

Report No. ARL-TR-1923
Authors: Pressel, Daniel M.
Date/Pages: March 1999; 64 pages
Abstract: This report discusses the continuing efforts to port the F3D computational fluid dynamics code to RISC-based SMPs. Originally, this program was optimized for Cray vector supercomputers such as the Cray C90. Previous attempts to run this code on 561 Power Challenges, and Convex Exemplars, as well as systems from SUN and Digital Equipment, demonstrated a level of performance that was so low as to be utterly useless (in many cases, it became necessary to kill the job before the first time step had completed). After making a concerted effort to port the program to an 561 Power Challenge (R8000 processor), acceptable levels of performance were finally achieved (Pressel 1997). Using this version of the code as the starting point, an effort was made to produce a program that ran efficiently on both systems from 561 and Convex. Unfortunately, a number of limitations with the Convex Exemplar were discovered that limited the success of this effort.
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