Mechanical and Microstructural Evaluation of Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films for Improved Antenna Performance and Reliability

Report No. ARL-TR-1930
Authors: Hubbard, C. W.; Fountzoulas, C. G.; Cole, M. W.; Sengupta, S.
Date/Pages: April 1999; 23 pages
Abstract: Ferroelectric barium strontium titanate (Ba(1-x)SrxTiO3 BSTO) films of 1-micron nominal thickness were deposited on single crystals of sapphire and electroded substrates at substrate temperatures varying from 30 deg C to 700 deg C. The microstructure of the thin films was columnar at all substrate deposition temperatures. The film microhardness showed a trend toward increased hardness with substrate temperature. Furthermore, with the elevation in substrate temperature, there was a parallel increase in film-substrate adhesion measurements, while the cohesion measurements were not influenced by substrate temperature.
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