Computational Modeling of a Segmented Projectile

Report No. ARL-TR-1988
Authors: Sahu, Jubaraj; Heavey, Karen R.
Date/Pages: June 1999; 33 pages
Abstract: This report describes the application of the chimera numerical technique to a multi-body segmented projectile configuration system of interest to the U.S. Army. Computations were performed at a supersonic speed on this configuration which consists of an ogive cylinder projectile with a peg shaped trailing segment. The computed results show the qualitative features of the wake flow field for the projectile with the segment in three different positions: centered, offset, and angled. The segment in the offset position has a strong effect on the flow field in the aft region of the projectile, thus affecting the aerodynamic coefficients of the projectile. The force and moment coefficients of the segment are also significantly affected by the orientation of the segment.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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