A Lumped Circuit Model of a Compensated Pulse Generator and Rail Gun

Report No. ARL-TR-1990
Authors: Hummer, Charles R.
Date/Pages: June 1999; 69 pages
Abstract: Because of its compact size, an electrical generator that uses an internal rotating mass as an energy source for electrical power is being developed to power a rail gun in a future combat system. At this stage of development, there are many proposed designs for these electric generators and many proposed designs for their possible uses: rail guns, coil guns, electromagnetic armor, etc. To study these various designs, a computer program was written to calculate the current in all parts of the electric generator, the load, the angular velocity of the rotating mass, and the velocity of the projectile from a rail gun or a coil gun. This was accomplished by modeling the electric generator and the rail gun by a circuit of inductors and resistors. This model results in a set of differential equations that are coupled with the equation of motion for the rotating mass and with the equation of motion for the projectile.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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