Effects of High Temperature Argon Heat Treatment on Tensile Strength and Microstructure of BN/SiC Coated SiC Fiber Preforms

Report No. ARL-TR-1999
Authors: Bhatt, Ramalrishna T.; Chen, Yuan L.
Date/Pages: June 1999; 15 pages
Abstract: Preforms of BN/SiC coated Hi-Nicalon and Sylramic SiC fibers were heat treated under 0.1 MPa argon pressure between 1000 deg to 1800 deg C for 1 and 100h. The effects of high temperature exposure on physical dimensions, weight, room temperature tensile strength, and microstructure of preforms have been studied. Both preforms showed shrinkage and weight loss, and microstructural changes beyond 1000 deg C. After 100 hr exposure, the Hi-Nicalon preforms showed strength degradation beyond 1200 deg C. The mechanisms of the strength degradation appear to be grain growth of the SiC fibers and crystallization of the BN coating. After 100 hr, the Sylramic preforms heat treated to 1000 deg C retained their as-produced strength while some of those heat-treated between 1000 deg and 1800 deg C showed strength degradation and others did not. At 1800 deg C, the ultimate tensile strength decreased with increasing time of exposure. Reasons for strength degradation of Sylramic preforms are being investigated.
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