Sniper Weapon Fire Control Error Budget Analysis

Report No. ARL-TR-2065
Authors: Von Wahlde, Raymond; Metz, Dennis
Date/Pages: August 1999; 85 pages
Abstract: In order to assess the value added by the application of fire control technology to sniper weapons, "error budgets" are developed as a function of range for several sniper weapon systems. A system is comprised of the weapon and its associated ammunition as well as the type of fire control technology provided that weapon. For this study, a total of four weapon-ammunition combinations were used and three levels of fire control sophistication were examined. The "baseline system" consists of a two-person sniper team using a standard rifle, spotting scope, and laser range finder to make aiming corrections. The "cross-wind system" adds a laser crosswind sensing device and more accurate range finder incorporated into the spotting scope. The "fire control system" performs a full ballistic firing solution and presents a real- time corrected aim point to the shooter. One-sigma system errors and probabilities of hit against an E-silhouette target are calculated.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: August 1, 1999