Wave-Rotor-Enhanced Gas Turbine Engine Demonstrator

Report No. ARL-TR-2113
Authors: Welch, Gerard E.; Paxson, Daniel E.; Wilson, Jack; Snyder, Philip H.
Date/Pages: October 1999; 15 pages
Note: Prepared in collaboration with Dynacs Engineering Company, Inc., Brook Park, Ohio and Roll-Royce Allison, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Abstract: The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, NASA Glenn Research Center, and Rolls-Royce Allison are working collaboratively to demonstrate the benefits and viability of a wave-rotor-topped gas turbine engine. The self-cooled wave rotor is predicted to increase the engine overall pressure ratio and peak temperature by 300% and 25 to 30%, respectively, providing substantial improvements in engine efficiency and specific power. Such performance improvements would significantly reduce engine emissions and the fuel logistics trails of armed forces. Progress towards a planned demonstration of a wave-rotor-topped Rolls- Royce Allison model 250 engine has included completion of the preliminary design and layout of the engine, the aerodynamic design of the wave rotor component and prediction of its aerodynamic performance characteristics in on- and off-design operation and during transients, and the aerodynamic design of transition ducts between the wave rotor and the high pressure turbine. The topping cycle increases the burner entry temperature and poses a design challenge to be met in the development of the demonstrator engine.
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