API Design for a MicroTouch Touch Screen Input Controller.

Report No. ARL-TR-2164
Authors: Steven Choy
Date/Pages: July 2000; 34 pages
Abstract: TSLIB is a C application programming interface (API) for a flat- panel, touch screen in manufactured by MicroTouch. Unlike most software drivers for this device, the TSL is not designed to be a transparent replacement for a mouse input pointer. The TSLIB supports not only single-point input, but also continuous-point input to facilitate support for gesture-type input data in a multimodal, interactive environment. Also, unlike most drivers for this device, the TSLIB software runtime support does not reside in the kernel/driver space of the operating system. The intent of the TSLIB design is to place the software driver in the user application space and connect to the physical device via the operating system-supplied APIs for serial devices. Because the TSLIB API does not operate at the device driver level of the operating system, the interface source code can be easily ported across multiple hardware platforms and multiple software operating systems. The source code is designed for use on various UNIX platforms, including IRIX, Solaris, and LINUX, as well as under MS-DOS and Windows NT. A description of all API functions, data structures, algorithms is presented.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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