Simulation of Two Projectiles Connected by a Flexible Tether.

Report No. ARL-CR-456
Authors: Mark F. Costello and Geoffrey W. Frost
Date/Pages: July 2000; 42 pages
Abstract: This report investigates the atmospheric flight mechanics of two projectiles connected by a flexible tether. Both projectiles are individually modeled with six degrees of freedom. The projectile aerodynamic model depends on angle of attack and Mach number and includes unsteady roll, pitch, and yaw aerodynamic damping. The tether is split into a finite number, of beads, with each bead possessing three translation degrees of freedom. Forces acting on the beads include weight, line stiffness, line damping, and aerodynamic drag. The tether aerodynamic drag force is dependent on the tether line angle of attack and Mach number. The tether line deployment process is modeled with a single degree of freedom that permits unreeling resistance to be incorporated. The effect of follower-to-lead projectile mass ratio and drag coefficient ratio on system response are investigated.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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