Software for the Statistical Analysis and Display of Comparisons Between Meteorological Measuring Set Balloon Data, National Weather Service Balloon Data, and Battlescale Forecast Model Output.

Report No. ARL-MR-426
Authors: Stephen F. Kirby
Date/Pages: July 2000; 52 pages
Abstract: A new method for the display and statistical analysis of several meteorological data types has been developed by the creation of new software in both FORTRAN and C and the use of existing FORTRAN modules as well as the CNUPLOT freeware display program. The impetus for this software development was the need for real-time on-site statistical analysis at a follow-on test of the Meteorological Measuring Set Profiler Proof-of-Concept (MMS-P (POC)) by Army Research Laboratory scientists at White Sands Missile Range, 09-20 August 1999. The MMS as it is currently fielded provides meteorological data for artillery battery aiming adjustments. Its data is derived from a weather balloon release and the subsequent tracking of the balloon and recording of the data. The next generation MMS, the MMS-P, is being developed so that rapid updates of meteorological information can occur with obvious benefit to artillery batteries that will receive the most current data for aiming adjustments. Also, it is hoped that eventually the weather balloon can be removed from the battlefield and can be replaced by a profiling suite of equipment.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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