Handbook on Face Gear Drives With a Spur Involute Pinion.

Report No. ARL-CR-447
Authors: F. L. Litvin, A. Egelja, J. Tan, D. Y. Chen, G. Heath
Date/Pages: March 2000; 104 pages
Note: Prepared in cooperation with the Boeing Company, Mesa, Az.
Abstract: The use of face gears in power transmission and drive systems has a significant number of benefits. Face gears allow a variety of new transmission arrangements as well as high reduction ratio capability. This leads to drive system weight reduction and improvements in performance. In this work, basic information about the design and analysis of face gear drives is presented. The work considers face gears in mesh with spur involute pinions for both intersecting axes and offset drives. Tooth geometry, kinematics, generation of face gears with localized bearing contact by cutting and grinding, avoidance of tooth undercutting, avoidance of tooth pointing, tooth contact analysis, and algorithms for the simulation of meshing and contact are all topics which are discussed. In addition, applications of face gear drives are presented. Included are design uses in aerospace applications such as helicopter transmissions, split-torque face gear arrangements, comparisons of face gears with bevel gears, and general design considerations.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: March 1, 2000