Telemetry Systems and Electric Gun Projectiles

Report No. ARL-MR-499
Authors: D'Amico, William P.
Date/Pages: October 2000; 28 pages
Abstract: Using telemetry in gun-launched projectiles is not as common as it is in missile and aircraft systems. A primary reason is the launch environment of guns. Conventional solid propellant guns often produce launch accelerations approaching 100,000 g's. Additionally, if the bore is rifled, large lateral accelerations are also produced. Recently, the Hardened Subminiature Telemetry and Sensor System (HSTSS) program developed and demonstrated a series of telemetry products and technologies specifically designed to make gun-launched, in-bore, and flight measurements more routine and affordable. This report reviews the products and flight experiences from the HSTSS program and addresses the potential use of the HSTSS products and techniques on projectiles launched from electromagnetic rail guns.
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Last Update / Reviewed: October 1, 2000