HSTSS Battery Development for Missile and Ballistic Telemetry Applications

Report No. ARL-MR-477
Authors: Burke, Lawrence W.; Bukowski, Edward; Newnham, Colin; Scholey, Neil; Hoge, William
Date/Pages: May 2000; 37 pages
Note: Prepared in collaboration with Dynamic Science Inc., Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Abstract: The rapid growth in portable and wireless communication products has brought valuable advancements in battery technology. No longer is a battery restricted to a metal container in cylindrical or prismatic format. Today's batteries (both primary and secondary) can be constructed in thin sheets and sealed in foil/plastic laminate packages. Along with improvements in energy density, temperature performance, and environmentally friendly materials, these batteries offer greater packaging options at a significantly lower development cost. Under the Hardened Subminiature Telemetry and Sensor System (HSTSS) program, these battery technologies have been further developed for high-g telemetry applications. Both rechargeable solid-state lithium-ion polymer and primary lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) batteries are being developed in conjunction with Ultralife Batteries, Inc. Prototypes of both chemistries have been successfully tested in a ballistic environment, while providing high constant rates of discharge, which is essential to these types of applications. Electrical performance and environmental data are reported.
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