Computerized Generation and Simulation of Meshing and Contact of New Type of Novikov-Wildhaber Helical Gears

Report No. ARL-CR-428
Authors: Litvin, Faydor L.; Feng, Pin-Hao; Lagutin, Sergei A.
Date/Pages: October 2000; 53 pages
Abstract: In this report, we propose a new geometry for low-noise, increased- strength helical gears of the Novikov- Wildhaber type. Contact stresses are reduced as a result of their convex-concave gear tooth surfaces. The gear tooth surfaces are crowned in the profile direction to localize bearing contact and in the longitudinal direction to obtain a parabolic function of transmission errors. Such a function results in the reduction of noise and vibrations. Methods for the generation of the proposed gear tooth surfaces by grinding and hobbing are considered, and a tooth contact analysis (TCA) computer program to simulate meshing and contact is applied. The report also investigates the influence of misalignment on transmission errors and shift of bearing contact. Numerical examples to illustrate the developed approaches are proposed.
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