Fire-Resistant and Fragment Penetration-Resistant Blankets for the Protection of Stored Ammunition

Report No. ARL-TR-2285
Authors: Wai K. Chin, Thomas J. Mulkern and Archibald Tewarson
Date/Pages: September 2000; 71 pages
Abstract: Large quantifies of munitions stored in the open are vulnerable to a host of initiation threats, both inadvertent and intentional in nature. An experimental flame- and fragment-resistant blanket was developed to protect such munitions and prevent sympathetic reactions when the blanket is used in concert with earthen barricades. The blanket, which consists of aramid and ceramic fibers, passed several rigorous tests in both the laboratory and in the field. The ballistic performance of the blanket offered protection from 300-g and 454-g fragments traveling at velocities of 140 m/s and 60 m/s, respectively. The blanket also provided flame protection from high temperature gas jets, as well as burning JA2 and M30 propellant, when the temperatures exceeded 1200 deg C for 10 seconds. This final report combines the research efforts of the fragment penetration study and the flame and heat blocking with fire blankets for munition protection study: U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) technical report, "Fire Blanket for Munition Protection: Flame- and Heat-Blocking Properties of Advanced Materials," to be published by ARL, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
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