Radiation Transfer Modeling in Electrothermal Chemical (ETC) Ignition

Report No. ARL-CR-506
Authors: Klaus Kappen
Date/Pages: September 2002; 20 pages
Abstract: The use of plasma ignition for high-performance guns has been pursued at several levels. As part of the program at theU.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), we are attempting to define the role of the broadband electromagnetic radiationthat is a key energy component of the plasma discharge. In particular, this effort is developing a radiation transfer modelthat will be incorporated into the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of plasma ignition. This effort will allowmore physically realistic characterization of the energy transfer in the plasma and its interaction with the propellant inthe models. This report summarizes the physical background of the radiation transport, and the validation of the differentsubmodules by use of published data will be presented. Current efforts include the coupling of the radiation model tothe ARL NSRG2 code for the plasma-propellant interaction simulation. Furthermore, a series of laboratory experimentswill be performed to validate the CFD code with the incorporated radiation transport submodel.
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