Kevlar KM2 Yarn and Fabric Strength Under Quasi-Static Tension

Report No. ARL-TR-2865
Authors: Thomas J. Mulkern and Martin N. Raftenberg
Date/Pages: October 2002; 39 pages
Abstract: Kevlar KM2, 600 denier, was Instron tested in quasi-static, uniaxial tension to determine its strength. Specimens included both single yarns and 68-yarn-wide, single-ply strips of plainwoven fabric (Style 706). Never-woven single-yarn specimens were tested with varying degrees of initial twist. Strength of the untwisted, never-woven yarn was 2.66 ? 0.04 GPa. The twist multiplier was 1.2. Single warp-oriented and fill-oriented yarns were extracted from Style 706 fabric, tested, and found to have strengths of 2.06 ? 0.01 and 2.20 ? 0.05 GPa, respectively. The single-ply fabric specimens of both warp and fill orientations were tested and found to have strengths of 2.23 ? 0.04 and 2.67 ? 0.04 GPa, respectively. The strength effects of weaving, finishing, yarn extraction, and inter-yarn contact are discussed.
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