Nowcasting Surface Meterological Paramaters Using Successive Correction Method

Report No. ARL-TR-2898
Authors: Teizi Henmi
Date/Pages: January 2002; 30 pages
Abstract: The successive correction method was examined and evaluated statistically as a nowcasting method for surface meteorological parameters including temperature, dew point temperature, and horizontal wind vector components. The Battlescale Forecast Model (BFM) forecast fields of the surface meteorological parameters were used as background data. By this method, temperature and dew point temperature could be nowcasted well. The major reason for this is that the BFM forecasting calculation could provide good background fields of surface temperature and dew point temperature. Surface horizontal wind vector fields were really improved by the nowcasting calculation. The BFM forecast calculation alone could not produce reliable surface wind vector fields, but by combining the forecast data with observation, much more reliable wind field could be obtained than what would be determined by the BFM alone.
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Last Update / Reviewed: January 1, 2002