Mesoscale Model Data Preparation and Execution: A New Method Utilizing the Internet

Report No. ARL-TR-2687
Authors: Stephen F. Kirby
Date/Pages: November 2002; 37 pages
Abstract: In order to streamline and simplify the methodologies required to obtain and process the requisite meteorological data for mesoscale meteorological models such as the Battlescale Forecast Model (BFM) and mesoscale model Version 5 (MM5), a new method utilizing the Internet and Perl/Common Gateway Interface has been developed. In order to execute a mesoscale model, one must first gather ?large-scale initialization data?, one example is the Naval Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS) data. In order to process this NOGAPS data, numerous shell scripts and FORTRAN code required editing and recompilation. Unless the user was quite familiar with the shell scripts and FORTRAN code, this process was very convoluted and time-consuming. The same was true utilizing mesoscale model Version 5 radiosonde observation roab and/or surface meteorological data as inputs to a model. To circumvent these problems, an Internet site, was created to provide a simple means to both access and process NOGAPS, raob, and surface data. The backbone of this Internet site is Perl, which is a powerful script language.
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