Rapid Wall-Breaching Kit, Ingress Hole Determination Experiment

Report No. ARL-TR-3064
Authors: Daniel D. Turner, Christian B. Carstens, Elizabeth S. Redden, and Joseph B. Whalen
Date/Pages: October 2003; 40 pages
Abstract: The Human Research and Engineering Directorate of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory conducted an experiment to determine what size breaching hole is necessary for a soldier with a "fighting load" to enter a building in a tactical and timely manner. The results from this experiment were used to determine requirements for wall breaching technology. The experiment was conducted at McKenna Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) site Ft. Benning, Georgia. Soldiers from the Ranger Training Brigade and Headquarters Company 3/11th Infantry participated in the experiment. The soldiers were divided into infantry squads and participated in an exercise that involved crossing a danger area, entering a building through the three different size holes, and clearing the initial room. After participating in each mission, the soldiers were given a questionnaire to solicit information about their capabilities and limitations to enter the building. Each event was also timed to determine a mean time for entry with each hole.
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