Unsteady Numerical Simulations of Subsonic Flow Over a Projectile With Jet Interaction

Report No. ARL-TR-2975
Authors: Jubaraj Sahu
Date/Pages: May 2003; 27 pages
Abstract: This report describes a computational study undertaken to consider the aerodynamic effect of synthetic jets as a means to provide the control authority needed to maneuver a projectile at low subsonic speeds. The time-accurate Navier-Stokes computational technique has been used to obtain numerical solutions for the unsteady jet interaction flow field for a projectile at a subsonic speed, Mach = 0.11, and several angles of attack from 0? to 4?. Qualitative flow field features show the interaction of the timedependent jet with the free stream flow. Numerical results show the effect of the jet on the flow field, surface pressures and aerodynamic coefficients. Unsteady numerical results have been obtained for a two-dimensional jet flow and compared with experimental data for validation. The same unsteady jet modeling technique has been applied to a subsonic projectile. These numerical results are being assessed to determine if synthetic jets can be used to provide the control authority needed for maneuvering munitions to hit the targets with precision.
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