Atmospheric Surface Layer Characterization: Preliminary Desert Lapse Rate Study 22-25 August 2000

Report No. ARL-TR-2994
Authors: Doyle S. Elliott, Gail Vaucher, Jimmy Yarbrough, and David Quintis
Date/Pages: May 2003; 25 pages
Abstract: Results of the August 2000 Desert Lapse Rate (DLR) Experiment are presented. The DLR Experiment was performed to document the night-to-day transition effects on the desert Atmospheric Surface Layer (ASL). During the DLR Experiment, simultaneous 32 m and 2 m thermodynamic and wind data were gathered 2 hrs prior to, through 2 hrs after sunrise. Solar radiation data were also gathered over the Experimental Period. A GPS radiosonde was launched at the beginning of the atmospheric neutral event after sunrise to determine the depth of the isothermal layer. Lapse rate changes characterized the transition of the Night-Day lower-atmospheric Chihuahuan Desert conditions and are presented in the results.
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