A Two-Dimensional Meteorological Computer Model for the Forest Canopy

Report No. ARL-MR-569
Authors: Arnold Tunick
Date/Pages: August 2003; 30 pages
Abstract: This report presents the equation set, modeling assumptions, and some initial results from a new, physics-based computer model that is being developed for two-dimensional forest canopy wind flow, temperature, and turbulence calculations. The model is based on the conservation (simplified Navier-Stokes) equations for continuity, momentum, Reynolds stress, energy, heat flux, and turbulent temperature variance. A set of simultaneous equations for each of 12 computed variables is solved iteratively on a computational grid consisting of 10 ? 60 points. Horizontal grid spacing is 50 m, and vertical grid spacing is 0.5 m. The model domain is 500 ? 30 m. It is anticipated that improved turbulence and micrometeorological models for forest canopies will become increasingly useful for military acoustic application research.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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