Detailed Alignment Procedure for the JEOL 2010F Transmission Electron Microscope

Report No. ARL-MR-603
Authors: Wendy Sarney
Date/Pages: December 2004; 15 pages
Abstract: The transmission electron microscope (TEM) allows lattice-resolution imaging of specimens. At ARL, we rely on TEM imaging for detailed structural characterization. Typical experiments involve examining the crystalline structure, interface quality, and defect morphology of semiconductor materials. The TEM consists primarily of an electron gun, electromagnetic lenses, apertures, stigmators, deflectors, and a viewing system. The alignment affects the propagation of the beam down the column and its interaction with the specimen and lenses. This in turn affects the quality of the image and the ease of obtaining it. This report discusses the alignment procedure for the JEOL 2010F TEM.
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