Characterization of Candidate Materials for Composite Cartridge Case

Report No. ARL-TR-3341
Authors: Aristedes Yiournas, Brian M. Powers, Travis A. Bogetti, and William H. Drysdale
Date/Pages: September 2004; 40 pages
Abstract: Cased telescoped ammunition designs were developed for the Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition System that employed a composite cartridge case. Three candidate composite material systems are being considered for the application— chopped fiberglass/Nylon 12, 30% chopped fiberglass/ULTEM (a registered trademark of GE Plastics Corp.), and a continuous fiberglass/urethane. Each of these material systems was subjected to preliminary mechanical testing in order to characterize their basic material properties and to support finite-element modeling of the cartridge case/gun chamber during the firing cycle. Basic mechanical properties such as stress-strain curves, Poisson's ratio, and residual plastic deformation after unloading were obtained and are presented in this report.
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