Modeling Thermal Ignition of Energetic Materials

Report No. ARL-TR-3369
Authors: Norman J. Gerri and Ellen Berning
Date/Pages: November 2004; 26 pages
Abstract: This report documents an attempt to computationally simulate the mechanics and thermal regimes created when a threat perforates an armor envelope and comes in contact with stowed energetic material (M30 granular propellant). Fragment simulating penetrators (FSP) of 208 and 830 gr were fired into plates of AISI 4340 steel hardened to a Rockwell C = 40. The exiting fragments were captured in a polymeric material with a melting point equivalent to the ignition temperature of the propellant. Paralleling the field experiment, a series of CTH 3D finite element runs were carried out using the same initial conditions as the experiments. The temperatures calculated by the CTH codes are compared to the experimental value. Experimental shots fired into live propellant at velocities selected from the CTH runs gave ignition or no ignition as predicted within reasonable limits.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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