Visualization Techniques of a CFD++ Data Set of a Spinning Smart Munition

Report No. ARL-TR-3380
Authors: Richard C. Angelini and Jubaraj Sahu
Date/Pages: December 2004; 30 pages
Abstract: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)++ is a modern state-of-the-art CFD code that is well validated and routinely used at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory for accurate predictions of projectile aerodynamics. As part of a Department of Defense high performance computing Challenge Project, CFD++ code was used to perform unsteady (time-accurate) high performance computing numerical simulations in a new area of aerodynamic research on synthetic jets to control subsonic projectiles. Efficient visualization of the enormous amounts of data that are regularly produced by these physics-based unsteady numerical simulations is challenging because of the complexity of the grids, the size of the data sets involved, and the physical properties of the phenomena to be visualized. In this report, we describe techniques for visualizing the complex fluid flow in and around a pulsating jet diaphragm.
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Last Update / Reviewed: December 1, 2004