Analysis of Erosion Tranisition in Tungsten-Alloy Rods Into Aluminum Targets

Report No. ARL-TR-3153
Authors: Steven B. Segletes
Date/Pages: March 2004; 60 pages
Abstract: This work extends and refines the phenomenological understanding of ballistic penetration in the vicinity of the erosionthreshold velocity, for the case of hemispherical-nosed tungsten rods striking ductile targets. Analysis, supported by experimentation, indicates a period of noneroding penetration for these configurations, which results from lateral support exerted by the target crater upon the deforming, yet noneroding, penetrator. Experiments indicate that the magnitude of the lateral support, the direct result of an interference fit between rod and crater, must be on the order of the target?s ballisticpenetration resistance, and does not vary with the impact velocity over the range studied. Analysis suggests that the duration of the noneroding portion of the ballistic event is neither governed by a fixed time, nor by a fixed depth of penetration, but rather by a fixed, permissible level of deformation in the penetrator.
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