Yarn Pull-Out as a Mechanism for Dissipation of Ballistic Impact Energy in Kevlar KM-2 Fabric, Part II: Prediction of Ballistic Performance

Report No. ARL-CR-538
Authors: John E. Kirkwood, Keith M. Kirwood, Young Sil Lee, Ronald G. Egres Jr., Eric D. Wetzel, and Norman J. Wagner
Date/Pages: May 2004; 34 pages
Abstract: The energy absorbed in ballistic fabrics is modeled by assuming yarn pull-out, including yarn uncrimping and translation, as the primary energy absorption mechanism. Using a semi-empirical model of yarn pull-out based on laboratory tests, predictions for ballistic performance of fabrics are compared to ballistic test results. It is demonstrated that quasi-static pull-out results can be correlated quantitatively with yarn pull-out during ballistic impact.
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