Technologies for Army Knowledge Fusion

Report No. ARL-TR-3279
Authors: Richard Scherl and Dana L. Ulery
Date/Pages: September 2004; 56 pages
Abstract: The fusing of information to provide a real-time situational awareness and common relevant operational picture of events both within and outside the battlespace requires the integration and use of heterogeneous civilian and military sources. Knowledge fusion, also called information fusion and multisensor data fusion, names the body of techniques needed to accomplish this critical need of the U.S. Army. The area builds upon and integrates results from a variety of fields, including multiagent systems, information integration, the semantic web, and the classical (mathematically based, engineering in orientation) fusion methodologies. The goal of work in knowledge fusion is to intelligently fuse massive amounts of heterogeneous information (not only from sensors, but also from databases, files, web pages, etc.) into a form which may be used by humans to yield actionable knowledge. This report surveys the literature relevant to the evolving field of knowledge fusion.
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2004