Initial Assessment of the Manpower Requirements for the Army Airborne Command and Control System (A2C2S) System Operator Via the Improved Performance Research Integration Tool (IMPRINT)

Report No. ARL-TR-3317
Authors: Thomas J. Havir and David B. Durbin
Date/Pages: October 2004; 41 pages
Abstract: The Army airborne command and control system (A2C2S) is an airborne C2 system that commanders will use to command and control units engaged in military operations ranging from humanitarian support and homeland security through high-intensity conflict. The A2C2S will allow the commander and staff to quickly traverse the battlefield while exercising command and control over forces in joint, interagency, and multinational environments. The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command System Manager-Battle Command (TSM-BC) requested the U.S. Army Research Laboratory?s Human Research and Engineering Directorate to perform an IMPRINT analysis to determine the manpower requirements for the A2C2S system operator. The model was constructed with engineering estimates of the reliability data for the system, and the wartime scenario was based on the operational mission profile for the system. The model was executed ten times as a baseline and ten times with stressors including temperature, humidity, mission-oriented protective posture level, sleepless hours, and noise. The model results indicated that the system operator man-hour requirement was 2056.71 hours per A2C2S. This time consisted of maintenance man-hours required to perform unscheduled maintenance and mission time since the system operator is required to participate as a member of the A2C2S during missions. Based on the results of this model, one system operator is required for each A2C2S to adequately perform unscheduled maintenance and to participate as a member of the A2C2S during missions. Several opportunities for future research are available to complement the findings in this report. As system development continues and more accurate RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) data become available, the model should be revised to reflect the most current data. Also, the amount of scheduled maintenance anticipated on the systems should be estimated. Adding the scheduled maintenance requirements to the existing data would provide a very accurate estimate of the total number of system operator man-hours that are required to operate and maintain the A2C2S.
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