High Rate Plastic Deformation and Failure of Tungsten-Sintered Metals

Report No. ARL-RP-84
Authors: Todd W. Bjerke and William R. Edmanson
Date/Pages: September 2004; 12 pages
Abstract: The competition between plastic deformation and brittle fracture during high rate loading of a tungsten-sintered metal is examined through impact experiments, post-experiment microscopy, and numerical simulation. The impact specimens were beam-shaped with a square cross section made from 93% tungsten with a tungsten-nickel-iron binder. The specimens were impacted at the mid-span location with a tungsten striker bar having an initial speed of 55 m/s. Dynamic stretching of the beam rear surface and time of fracture initiation was measured with a strain gage. Strain gage signals indicated that the strain-to-failure was approximately 1.3%, however a significant number of microcracks were observed to have opened underneath the strain gage location. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that brittle ?pre-cracking? of the rear surface preceded the ultimate failure of the specimen. A numerical simulation of the impact event was performed using the finite element code ABAQUS to better evaluate the possible role of plastic deformation in the tungsten material prior to failure.
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