Demonstration and Validation of a Replacement Alternative to the Chromate Wash Primer DOD-P-15328D

Report No. ARL-TR-3756
Authors: Pauline Smith, Kestutis Chesonis, and John Escarsega
Date/Pages: April 2006; 26 pages
Abstract: The purpose of the DOD-P-15328D wash primer is to enhance corrosion resistance through the passivation of the metal surface. In the U.S. Army Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) System, the metal surface is coated with a wash primer, overcoated with an epoxy primer, and followed by a camouflage urethane topcoat. Several coating procedures specify the use of the wash primer, DOD-P-15328D, as a surface treatment prior to the application of an epoxy primer/polyurethane topcoat CARC system. The current wash primer is a low-solids, solvent-based polyvinyl butyral that contains phosphoric acid and zinc chromate that promotes adhesion and minimizes corrosion. This coating contains large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) that impact coating operations due to air pollution regulations that may require the use of control devices to reduce the total VOC/HAP emissions to the atmosphere. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has evaluated new, water-reducible wash primers that do not contain hexavalent chromium and significantly minimize VOC and HAP potential emissions during coating operations. Coatings have been extensively tested for accelerated corrosion and adhesion and have successfully completed 3 years of outdoor exposure testing. Tests are now required on military equipment to validate the lab and controlled testing previously completed. The ultimate objective of the process is to demonstrate that the low VOC wash primers can provide a ?drop-in? solution to the environmental issues associated with the solvent-based primer currently in use, providing equal or better performance, involving no significant changes to the application and stripping procedures currently being used. The field demonstration of this coating was conducted at Letterkenny Army Depot facility and prepared on an Engagement Control Station Patriot truck unit.
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