A Human Factors Evaluation of Exoskeleton Boot Interface Sole Thickness

Report No. ARL-TR-3812
Authors: Angela C. Boynton and Harrison P. Crowell III
Date/Pages: June 2006; 63 pages
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify potential human factors issues related to the sole thickness of an exoskeleton boot interface. Twelve Soldiers were evaluated in three footwear conditions (no additional sole, 1-inch sole, and 2-inch sole). Lower extremity biomechanics were assessed for walking, running, squatting, and kneeling with the use of a force plate and motion capture system. Mobility performance was assessed with five obstacles on a mobility-portability course. Participants also provided subjective feedback on each footwear condition?s comfort, stability, and difficulty during the biomechanics and mobility assessments. Results indicate that an exoskeleton could incorporate a boot interface as thick as 2 inches without substantially impacting the human factors issues evaluated in this study.
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