Ka-Band Instrumentation Radar: State Machine Design Approach and Implementation

Report No. ARL-TR-3724
Authors: Francois J. Koenig
Date/Pages: February 2006; 26 pages
Abstract: We present in this report a new state machine board to control the operation of an Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Ka-Band instrumentation radar. The board provides the necessary timing signals to the RF section to control transmit pulse width, receiver protection switches, and the polarization switch. It also provides the IF section with an IF switch control, a video bias control and up to 8 bits of phase control. It provides the frequency synthesizer board with 15-bit frequency data and a signal to strobe it into registers. Finally, it provides the data acquisition system with a signal to begin sampling incoming data. Resolution of the timing signals has improved from 100 ns for the previous state machine board to 25 ns for the new board. The more critical signals can be fine tuned to a few nanoseconds with onboard delay chips. Perhaps, most significant of all is that unlike the previous design, this state machine can be reconfigured during operation, allowing timing adjustments, adjustment to the number of frequencies and step size, changes to starting phase and phase increment. It will eliminate significant down-time for reconfiguration while providing a flexible interface for user control.
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