Final Report (2005), U.S. Army Research Laboratory Material Center of Excellence, Collaborative Research Program on Advanced Metals and Ceramics for Armor and Anti-Armor Applications, Dynamic Behavior of Non-Crystalline and Crystalline Metallic Systems

Report No. ARL-CR-576
Authors: K. T. Ramesh; James W. McCauley
Date/Pages: September 2006; 36 pages
Abstract: This collaborative research program emphasized collaborative research between Johns Hopkins University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) towards well-defined common goals: the understanding and development of advanced metallic systems for armor and anti-armor applications. The Johns Hopkins side of the collaboration was operated through a sciencedriven, problem-directed Center?the Center for Advanced Metal and Ceramic Systems. The Center provides a tight integration of the University with ARL, providing both an emphasis on fundamentals and a carefully planned coherent assistance with the ARL Weapons and Materials Research Directorate (WMRD) mission. The research thrusts and the collaborative structures of the Center provided a basis for the substantial enhancement and continuous improvement of the scientific and technical capabilities of ARL, particularly of WMRD. Each research thrust operated a Collaborative Research Group with joint responsibility for the development of the research. This report is the final report for research performed in the 2001?2005 period. The accomplishments of each research thrust are described in order. Rather than provide full detail in each case, the highlights are noted, and the corresponding publications are referenced for the details. Finally, a summary of the collaborative interactions and a summary of the publications and presentations are provided.
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